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The below was sent to me by Google AdSense.

Hi there,

Advertisers are preparing new campaigns as internet traffic is likely to increase over the long haul. To help you take advantage of this, in this issue, we’ve put together the top tips for making your site more visible. You’ll also find updates on:

* Improving page load speed in DFP Small Business
* Using Google+ Pages for brands and businesses

Make your site more visible!

Be relevant
Do you know how users find your pages? Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed information on the top queries for which your site ranks in Google search results. Use this information to make sure that the content users find most interesting is most prominent.

Be social
As we mentioned in our last newsletter, by implementing the +1 button on your pages, you can give users an opportunity to share their opinion with you and guide you to what is most interesting for them on your site. Webmaster Tools now also allows you to track the search impact of +1’s on your pages.

Be fast
A faster site increases user satisfaction, so speed is an important factor in the Google search ranking. Page Speed Online analyzes the content of a web page and generates suggestions to make that page faster. Let Maile Ohye from the Developers Program Team tell you more about the importance of your site’s performance:
Site Speed Performance For Webmasters (VIDEO)

Check how fast your website loads !

Google+ Pages for businesses and brands
Google+ Pages are a way for brands and businesses to have a presence on Google+. Pages bring you closer to your audience, letting you have real conversations with the right people, connecting you face to face with your site’s visitors, and letting current fans recommend new ones.

Giving your business a home on Google+ lets you directly interact with your users, while giving them more chances to share your content with their friends. Create a page today and connect with your audience!

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