What is WordPress, WordPress.org and WordPress.com etc. ?

WordPress is free blogging-content management software. With WordPress, you can install website-blog themes and plugins, run advertisements, edit the database and even modify the PHP source code. Anyone can download the software for free from WordPress.org, but it must be installed on a web server (web host) before it will work. Web servers or web hosting are generally not free. Hosting your own WordPress software can be fun and rewarding, but it also places full responsibility on the blogger and website owner. If you mismanage your web host or web server, you could lose your entire blog.

WordPress.org is the website where the free WordPress software can be downloaded. For no charge, WordPress.org provides downloadable blog-content management software, community mailing lists, community support forums, documentation, and free themes and plugins.

WordPress-Help.us is a United States based independent WordPress help paid support, design and marketing business. It is not related to the WordPress.org or WordPress.com.

WordPress-Phone-Number.com is an independent company that offers paid phone support and other WordPress services. Please note that WordPress.org and WordPress.com do not offer phone support. WordPress-Phone-Number.com was started by an individual to help fill that phone support gap and specializes in repairing, designing, and building WordPress websites.

WordPress.com is brought to you by some of the same folks who work on WordPress, the open source blogging software. WordPress.com is a hosting platform that utilizes the same WordPress software that anyone can download from WordPress.org. With WordPress.com, the hosting and managing of the software is taken care of by the team here at Automatic. With the freestanding WordPress software, you need to install it on your own server or a 3rd party hosting provider.

ProNetUSA.org is a private American free help website blog for WordPress, StudioPress, Genesis and how to SEO website marketing.

StudiopressExpert.com is a United States based independent StudioPress help paid support, design and SEO website marketing expert. It is not related to studiopress.com .

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